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All Saints Academy is a Roman Catholic School within the Diocese of Belleville, Illinois and is responsible to the Ordinary of the Diocese. The Director of Education is his representative in the administration of the Catholic schools. The Catholic school is structured to encourage a spirit of cooperation and a state of shared responsibility. Within the school, specific roles are prescribed for the pastor, principal, assistant principal, and faculty.



The Pastor of St. Dominic Parish, as the primary spiritual leader of the parish, has the responsibility for fostering, guiding, and coordinating the educational ministry. This includes those matters within the school, which affect worship, the Ministry of the Word, and the spiritual welfare of the students.



The principal is the administrator of the school and executive officer of the Board of Education. The principal is responsible for implementing policies established and approved by the Diocese.



The faculty is directly responsible to the principal.


School Board of Education

The School Board of Education is a consultative board. Under the Board’s Constitution, six members are from St. Dominic Parish, four are from St. Augustine Parish and two are from St. Anthony Parish. The Pastor, Deacon, Principal, and one person from St. Mary’s Parish in Carlyle serve as ex-officio members of the Board.

School Board meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month in the ASA Conference Room. All School Board meetings, except Executive Sessions, are open to all interested parties.



Parents are an extension of the school staff as they work in cooperation with the school. A partnership should exist that promotes educational opportunities for all students.